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  WatchKIt Introduction

We are super excited that you have decided to learn WatchKit Framework with us using the Swift Programming language.

We have a ton to learn so to get started we are going to go over the fundamentals of iWatch coding and then jump into a longer form Music App pretty quickly!


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Thoughts on Approaching the course:

Here are a couple tips to keep in mind as you are solving problems you may encounter:

Take a small break! Sometimes, when you give your brain a break from a problem, you can come back with a new approach and eventually get a better result.

Also, don't just stare at your problem! Be sure to use all resources available to you to really learn the material, such as the watching solution videos, posting issues on the discussion boards, searching online, or communicating with other student's in the course.

Allow yourself to fail! This is going to be tough, but it really is the best way to learn. I've notice many students are sometimes afraid to add their own written code because they don't want to mess up their project. This is a major roadblock that a lot of us have when starting out. Once you get over this hump, everything will come a lot smoother.

Don't hesitate to customize your projects. Programming is not only logic, it's an art. When you get bug (and you will get them!), instead of thinking of it as a problem, think of it is a learning opportunity, and learn how to solve it right there. Then, when you see this bug pop up again, you'll know exactly what to do!

We hope you are ready to learn and challenge yourself! Good Luck and Happy Coding!